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Saigerhöh Spa

In the Saigerhöh Spa you can be pampered with soothing massages,  regenerating body treatments and much more.


Saigerhöh Spa

Located in the middle of the High Black Forest above the Titisee and not far from the Feldberg, the 4-star Hotel Saigerhöh is embedded in a picturesque landscape. Here you’ll find tranquility in one of the 105 rooms and suites, all equipped with modern comforts and for the most part with a panoramic view of the surrounding Black Forest countryside – with good weather you can even see as far as the Swiss Alps! In our lounges we will serve you culinary delicacies from the Black Forest as well as international classics. With good weather we recommend that you take a seat on the panorama terrace and enjoy the fantastic view. In the evening you can enjoy a good glass of wine in a pleasant atmosphere alongside the crackling fireplace in the Lobby Bar or nestle with a good book in the library. Hotel Saigerhöh offers you a “weatherproof” vacation! Regardless of how the weather is, numerous indoor and outdoor activities are available for you. Relax in the swimming pool in the Saigerhöh Spa, enjoy a sauna session in one of the three saunas, or be pampered with massages, baths and indulgence programs provided by the Beauty Oasis team. In addition to the diverse recreational opportunities for active vacationers in the Black Forest, our “Sports & Games Barn” with climbing wall, Segway course, bungee trampoline and many other activities is also available.

Wellness Arrangements

Spa packages

“Shared tranquillity” – Couple's Special

Enjoy some time away from everyday life – and allow yourselves to be completely spoiled in our couple’s room.

  • Pure harmony – birch wood massage (massage lasts 50 minutes)
  • Pure indulgence – Saiger foot ritual (foot treatment lasts 40 minutes)

    The pamper package is 100 minutes – € 125.00 per person
    The double treatment room can be booked if capacities allow.

“Shared relaxation” – Couple's Ritual

Ideal for relaxing together in our double treatment room. Experience a holiday of peace and balance.

  • Pure activity – invigorating whole-body scrubbing massage (massage lasts 25 minutes)
  • Silent relaxation – warming back massage with Black Forest honey (massage lasts 50 minutes)

    The pamper package is 75 minutes – € 95.00 per person
    The double treatment room can be booked if capacities allow.


“Friendship of Souls” – our package for girlfriends

Beauty, relaxation and radiance: a vertiable glimmer of light for your well-being!

  • Pure brilliance – facial (50 min.)
  • Pure stroke – spa manicure (50 min.)
  • Pure light-footedness – spa pedicure (50 min.)
    Pampering time: 150 minutes – € 170.00 per person

Pure beauty – facial

A symbiosis between health and attractiveness for the benefit of your skin! These care products are selected and individually tailored to your skin, and ensure maximum effect. Intensively nurturing serums and masks provide optimal solutions for your needs. An immediately visible and convincing result – well-proportioned, fresh and firm!

Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, massage of face, neck and décolleté or deep cleansing, mask and final care.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 60.00

Cosmetician’s recommendation: self-warming mineral mask for optimization of your treatment results. Goal: rejuvenated, firmer and radiant skin due to the intensive absorption of active ingredients. € 18.00


Pure brilliance – facial

Valuable, pure active ingredients ensure a lasting natural balance and make your skin shine vital and fresh. Entirely tailored to your skin’s needs, subcutaneous tissue is strengthened by the deep cleansing and massage technique, and your skin can absorb moisture better in all levels again. This intensive treatment streamlines and supports your skin’s metabolism. The effect: youthfully fresh radiance!

Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, deep cleansing, serum of active ingredients, massage of face, neck and décolleté, vitalizing mask and final care.
Pampering time: 80 minutes – € 90.00

The feeling of pure luxury – facial treatment

Exclusive care and a radiating complexion. This facial-care ritual ensures deep relaxation, which results in a tauter, firmer and younger looking skin. Cleaning and peeling activates the skin metabolism for a more intensive absorption of the highly effective active substances by the skin. Special massage techniques relax the muscles of the face and this results in smoother skin and a vitalisation of the connective tissue.

Cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, ampoule of active substances, facial mask, intensive eye lifting treatment which also includes eyebrow correction, dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as a hand and head massage.  

Pampering time: 110 minutes – € 125.00

Pure natural power - facial for men

Powerful, vital and clear: highly effective care products and concentrated serums make the signs that small sins leave behind vanish! The interaction of cleansing, peeling, serum and vitality mask bring your skin back into balance.

Vitalizing massage techniques accompany every treatment step and ensure maximum relaxation.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 60.00

Beauty Service*

Dyeing the eyebrows (10 minutes / €10)
Dyeing the eyelashes (15 minutes / €20)
Dyeing the eyebrows and eyelashes (25 minutes/ €25)

Depilation of the upper lip and chin (10 minutes / €12)

Application of make-up for the day (20 minutes/ €25)

*can only be booked together with a facial treatment.

Pure caressing – Spa manicure

Beauty begins with beautiful hands. Spoil yourself and your busy hands with a relaxing treatment including soothing soaking of hands followed by peeling, wraps, nail care and a massage of the fingers, hands and forearms to finish off. The result is smoother and more supple hands that you will be delighted with.

Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 60.00

Additional painting of the nails with nail varnish for home use – can only be booked together with a manicure – € 10.00

Pure light-footedness – Spa pedicure

A paradise for your tired feet. We spoil you with: A foot bath, peeling, nail care, wraps and a massage of the feet, calves and knees to finish off – an intense feeling of relaxation guaranteed.

Rich and supple treatment creams and an intensive “all-round” treatment ensure the optimum result. Make more progress with well-cared-for feet.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 65.00

Additional painting of the nails with nail varnish for home use – can only be booked together with a pedicure – € 10.00

Great nails – Spa nail care

Nail care for hands or feet, painting of nails, nail varnish included.
Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 40.00

Care for your body

Pure pleasure –body peeling

Activating and supple product combinations are applied to your skin in flowing strokes and ensure a tingly and fresh feeling. The ideal start in the summer vacation or as intensive preparation for any follow-up treatment!

Choose your favorite peeling:
  • Birch oil peeling strengthens the contour and ensures balance
  • Edelweiss peeling – makes your skin tighter
  • Grapeseed peeling strengthens the connective tissue for a firmer and silky result

Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 35.00


Completely natural – Moor wrap

Natural, healthy and full of vitality thanks to the unique effect of the peat from the Black Forest moor. The minerals in the peat strengthens the immune system and beneficial warmth ensures your muscles relax and recuperate. The warm peat wrap is applied to the back and gradually transfers its warmth to the body. This heat treatment is particularly gentle on the circulatory system making it ideal prior to massages and has an equally positive effect on your body’s metabolism and regeneration processes.  

Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 30.00

Recommendation of our therapists: Treat yourself to a loosening and limbering massage after this preparation.

Massages for body & soul

Pure peace of mind – massage with hot stones

Hot stones, silky oil and intensive strokes make this treatment an energy booster for body and spirit. Your energy reserves will be activated on a muscular as well a mental level. Flowing techniques and hot stones ensure deep relaxation and loosen your muscles. The targeted laying of stones on your energy pathways calms and invigorates at the same time.
Pampering time: 75 minutes – € 90.00

Just does so good – Cupping-glass massage

A regenerating massage with cupping glasses (special glasses that create a vacuum in the connective tissue) and an edelweiss or nacre oil stimulate the blood circulation in the skin and the tightening of the skin. A pleasant warm feeling and tingling sensation ensure a feeling of deep relaxation throughout the entire body.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 65.00

Pure recuperation – Holistic detoxification massage

A balanced and relaxed mind are the goal of this treatment ritual. To get you relaxed, we begin with a foot bath with the essence of native herbs. The warmth of the water calms the soul while the herbs increase the speed of your metabolism. This means you are ideally prepared for the energy massage that follows. Long massage strokes with warm oil foster the inner balance which strengthens health and stimulates the detoxification. This holistic treatment method particularly supports the processes of your body’s metabolism and harmonises body and soul.
Pampering time: 80 minutes – € 115.00

Pure breaks – Treatment ritual

Find your inner rhythm and let us bring you back to your centre with our energy ritual. Energy points in the face and the stimulating warmth of the fragrance compression will help bring your body and mind to the point where you truly relax and really take a break from everyday life. The deep stretching of the muscles in the area of the shoulders and neck optimally puts you into the relaxed state of mind for your back treatment with peeling and hot-stone massage. It activates your senses and soothes you into really taking the break you deserve.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 70.00

Pure harmony – birch wood massage

This extraordinary massage with handmade massage sticks made of birch wood loosens the muscles and promotes detoxification of connective tissue. The alternation of gently and intensive strokes with the birch wood loosens adhesions in the muscles and gets the lymphatic system going. The result of treatment is a silhouette with strengthened contour, better flexibility and supple skin.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 70.00

Pure natural feeling – Saiger herbal massage

An intensive massage performed with handmade “stamp pouches” – filled with local herbs and lovingly prepared by us for you! The heated herbal stamps glide over your body in circular movements with light pressure and massage the highly effective herbal essences into your body. The interplay of short heat stimuli and intensive massage techniques loosens your muscles deep inside. So your organism is calmed and allows you to plunge into our local world of herbs!
Partial massage - pampering time: 50 minutes – € 60.00
Full body massage - pampering time: 80 minutes – € 105.00

Pure respite - Saiger foot ritual

Get to yourself, to your inner core! Indulge in a harmonious treatment combination starting with a warm herbal foot bath followed by an activating calf/foot peeling. It allows you to respond to us and get to yourself. The energetic massage of feet, calves and knees has such a special soothing effect and promotes inner balance by means of specific pressure points and gentle strokes. Your legs feel light and your thoughts flow serenely.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 65.00

Pure activity – Stimulating body massage

Refreshing and incredibly invigorating, this is the effect of the traditional dry-brush massage, whose wondrous and energising effects were already described in the monastery medicine of the middle-ages. With long and intensive strokes, the rapid channelling out of acids and toxins is encouraged. The pores of the skin open, the lymphatic system is activated and the self-regulation of the skin is stimulated. Your body will relax immediately, and it will feel revitalised thanks to the beneficial warmth.
Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 40.00

Recommendation: Ideal in conjunction with a whole-body massage. Released toxic substances are removed more quickly from the body and the increased circulation makes it easier to release blockages in the muscles and deep adhesions.

Silent relaxation – Black Forest honey massage

For soothing warmth and a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. This special treatment technique provides you with a pleasant and beneficial feeling of warmth throughout your entire body and promotes the circulation, as well as freeing any tensions in your muscles. The secret behind the relaxing effect begins with the combination of a vigorous back massage with honey and the intensive beneficial caring effect of warm beeswax.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 70.00

Endless vitality – Caring treatment for the legs

To begin with, your legs are given a dry-brush massage, which stimulates the channelling out of acids and toxins, as well as stimulates the lymphatic system. The massage that follows fosters the elasticity of the connective tissue and the birch-wood oil used for this has a revitalising and tightening effect. To round off the massage treatment, the legs are wrapped in a highly effective active ingredient complex, which thanks to the unique wrapping technique employed, promotes the detoxification and tightening of the connective tissue.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 65.00
Massages for your muscles

Active relaxation – classic massage

New energy, better movement and more relaxed muscles is the result at the end of the treatment. Targeted massage techniques that reach deep into the muscles are applied in the intensity that you choose and this helps your muscles to become more supple, and thus make them healthier and stronger. Your body will feel strong and simply fantastic.

Choose what you want to focus on:
•    Loosening tense muscles – deep-muscle massage technique. Improvement of the result through a heat treatment in advance.
•    Better mobility – the muscles and joints receive additional stretching and the mobility is fostered through this stretching.
•    Recharge the batteries – dynamic massage which activates the energy reserves on the muscle level.

Classic massage 50 minutes  – € 65.00
Whole-body massage 80 minutes  – € 95.00

New power – Breuss massage

A gentle, yet energetic back massage which gently loosens and stretches the spine. Energetic and physical blockages are loosening and the regeneration of the discs in your back will be supported in the best way possible. Enjoy your day upright and to the full!

Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 35.00

Natural feeling of peace – head-shoulder-neck

A feeling of weightlessness and pure relaxation. The loosening of the neck muscles has a very positive effect on the ability of your body to recuperate and recover. By applying the appropriate amount of pressure, the tense neck muscles loosen up and your entire body is made to completely relax through targeted powerful grips and pressure being applied to various pressure points around the body. A true pleasure!
Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 35.00

Appealing balance – Foot reflexology massage

The targeted pressure-point massage of your foot reflex zones give you a new feeling of vitality and energy for life. The activation of self-healing powers and the particular attention paid to the energetic balance support your feeling of inner balance and this will make the steps you take in life that little bit lighter.
Pampering time: 25 minutes – € 35.00

Inner balance – combination massage

An ideal combination which intensively loosens the muscles in your back! The following foot reflexology massage intensifies this result on a sustainable level. The interplay between muscle and organic stimulation fosters your feeling of physical well-being. You feel free, mobile and full of vitality.
Pampering time: 50 minutes – € 60.00
Spa Etikette

Book treatments and arrive

In order to ensure your desired treatment, we recommend that you book the consultation and reservation even before your arrival. You will receive your appointment confirmation directly upon arrival in our hotel.

For requested appointments during your stay you can gladly contact our spa reception in the wellness building or our hotel reception in the lobby.

Please arrive in the waiting area 5 minutes before start of treatment. We will pick you up there.

Out of respect for the following guests we ask you to understand that in case of a late arrival on your part this time must be reduced from your treatment time.

We will gladly gear our efforts entirely to your needs. That is why it is important for us to know if you have a preference with regard to our qualified specialists (male/female). For organizational reasons we ask that you already inform us about your preference when making a reservation for your treatment.


Our treatments have very different effects. We ask that you inform us in advance about possible complaints or health issues so that these treatments are always positive and supportive for your body.


If possible, arrive for your treatment only in the bathrobe from your room. In order to protect your privacy, with every treatment we offer you disposable underwear and carefully deal with your privacy during the treatment. An exception is the sauna area in our hotel that is defined as a nude area.

Fulfilment of requests

Before every treatment we will ask you for your individual treatment goals and requests in order to address these concerns during the treatment. Competent advice is a component of treatment and is very important to us.

Children and teenagers

We will cordially welcome our little guests from 10 am to 6 pm in the company of their parents in the pool area, and also warmly welcome guests age 16 and over in the sauna area.


We can accept appointment cancellations free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. We ask for your understanding that 100% of the amount will be charged in the event of last-minute cancellations.


We thank you for understanding that the entire spa area is an absolute non-smoking area. Care and consideration in mutual respect is very important to us. Therefore we ask you to set mobile telephones on mute and to enjoy the break in our spa without laptops and tablets.

Your spa team looks forward to your visit!
Telefon: 07653/685-288 oder -100