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Dense forests, clear lakes, culture.

Experience the Black Forest

High Black Forest adventure region

So many worthwhile goals! As the seasons change, you can savor all the wealth of the Black Forest region around the Hotel Saigerhöh. Outdoor pools in summer, the ski lifts on the Feldberg in winter, and many, many more leisure activities.
Much here in the Upper Black Forest is a real event of nature: the forest and the play of the wind in the tops of the spruce and fir trees, the good, clean air, the sun, which repeatedly sets the breathtaking landscape in scene with its rays!
Your excursions will take you to beautifully situated lakes, rivers and waterfalls. You can reach the Titisee, one of the cleanest German bathing lakes, with a short walk or a short drive.
Deep rest for hermits or endless family fun, boat trips, visits to amusement parks, picnics at the edge of the forest, cultural and shopping trips to such charming cities as Freiburg, Strasbourg and Basel: We at Hotel Saigerhöh have lots of tips ready for you so that you can explore all facets enjoy this multifaceted adventure region and discover the treasures of the Black Forest!