Mindfulness for body, spirit and soul


Spa and wellness at the Black Forest Hotel Saigerhöh

The interaction of elements between the forest and sky has an effect like a natural remedy in the heights of the Black Forest. Relaxation, edification and a feeling of fulfillment set in. The purity of the air is like balm, also for people with respiratory problems.

At Hotel Saigerhöh we potentiate this power contribution of nature for the well-being and health of our guests. Apart from the other amenities of a cultivated four-star hotel, you can expect a comprehensive, high-quality offer of spa and wellness activities with Ayurvedic treatments, nurturing baths, packs and infusions, soothing massages, cosmetic treatments, sauna sessions, Thalasso treatments and moments of tranquility on heated relaxation loungers or a sunlit meadow.

The gentle hands of competent experts will loosen tensions; pains vanish and your skin shines. We treat our guests with special kindness and discretion, and give them our full attention. We find a unique choice of indulgence for everyone. After a few days of wellness at the Black Forest Hotel Saigerhöh you will feel comfortable down to the roots of your hair!